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wrap up well


oh it’s cold out there

watch the storm from the north

blow snow on our stairs

children play

on a frozen canal

it’s all over, autumn’s over

wrap up well

(oh wrap up well)


oh it’s wild out there

all the walkways are white

and there’s frost in your hair

close your coat

it’s freezing like hell

in the city, in the country

wrap up well

(oh wrap up well)


oh it’s cold and cruel

near the brook where the wild winds rule

so should you choose to leave today

make sure you won’t lose your way

and wrap up well


oh it’s rough out there

when you slog through the snow

and you breathe the cool air

and all you see

is a wintery trail

through the mountains, in the distance

wrap up well

(oh wrap up well)

"...qualitativ hochwertige Mitfühlmelodien..."
Venue Music


"...hervorragende Arrangements..."


"...verträumt poppige Note..."
Hififi & Sterereo


"...angenehm unaufgeregt..."
Rote Raupe


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