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i need some time

to clear my head

deleting thoughts

the weary and the sad


I need some time to redefine

the words “I, me and mine”

I need some time to reassess

my plans


and I need a voice

to sing my song

a simple speech

won’t do in Babylon


I need a voice to yell and shout

and the guts to sing out loud

I need a voice that’s honest
and intense


i need a place

where I can breathe

some open space

where I can sit at ease


I need a place where I can stop

relax and loosen up

I need a place where I can watch

the stars


and I give you a song

a song of love

for this weird world

and all the things above


and I sing you a song that’s bold and real

some naked words that I can feel

a little song that’s strong enough

to break our prison bars

"...qualitativ hochwertige Mitfühlmelodien..."
Venue Music


"...hervorragende Arrangements..."


"...verträumt poppige Note..."
Hififi & Sterereo


"...angenehm unaufgeregt..."
Rote Raupe


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