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when the floodgates open

a big rain's falling down to the sea
the flood it covers me
a hard rain’s drowning our beautiful town
it leaves it wet to the stone
it leaves us drenched down to the bone

the floodgates open and in rolls a wave
a wave of towering blue
the streets are sunken in waters so grave
and so so are you
oh so are you oh so are you

but wait
how does it feel
do you think it is real
no way to conceal
this water is real

na na na na na na
when the the waves roll in
na na na na na na na
our hats are full of sin
na na na na na na
when the flood comes in
na na na na na na
we’re sinking in

with headlights burning a boat’s showing up
it could be here for us
but men are turning they’re reading a map
i’m sure this boat is going to pass

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