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no good (chaos in a silent movie)
surfing on a rainbow
cripple and crack crow
monkey in the back row
on my shoulder

sucking on a cock tail
lick it, mr. blackmail
hey mister, what’s my name?

shooting at a straw man
sleeping in a tin can
driving in a black van
across the border

screwing up the rail way
blowing up a big jail
hey mister, that’s my game

hey, are you up to something?
hey, what are you up to, man?
(“hey, what are you aiming for?”)
i am up to no good

no good

money in my blood stream
coffee and sun cream
sugar and a bush bean
a face on a poster

i will never come clean
better drop the drop scene
hey man, get off my back

oh i am up to something
and it ain’t something good
oh i am up to something
hey today I’m the mood

oh i am up to something
and it ain’t something nice
oh i am up to something
hey i’m the devil in diguise

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