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mickey finn

i’m the spider in your hair
i’m a hairy monster
i’ve got hairy arms and legs
as red as a lobster

i’m the hippo in your soup
i’m a funny creature
spilling soup and boiling blood
that’s my “double feature”

i’m the tiger in your room
i’m a mighty bigwig
I’ve got paws and claws and stripes
i am running at a good clip

diluted gin and mickey finn
are giving me the creeps
diluted gin and mickey finn
a grin can be so cheap

I’m the doggy in your tale
i’m a noisy critter
I like chicken curry sauce
and i plough the litter

i’m the monkey in your tale
I’m a cheeky sonny
i’ve got lice and ticks and fleas
I’m a playboy bunny

i’m the cockroach in your shoe
i’m a pretty minion
i came here from Idaho
now i’m your companion

oh man where is my intellect?
the world it looks so hazy
oh man where is my common sense?
the world it looks so shady
oh man where is my mental health?
the world it looks so fuzzy
i think i need more mickey finn
to keep my thinking busy

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