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bombs on iraque

books in the toaster
and babies in suits
blood in the dryer
and knives in the boots

sweets on the salt road
and shit on the sheet
champaign in the sewer
and judges on speed

if you think this is funny
and pretty fucked up
i won’t contradict you
this is definitely mad

this is definitely funny
and pretty fucked up
but not as fucked up as
your bombs on iraque

cows in the kitchen
and cowboys in pink
puke in the tube
and piss in the sink

cheese in your coffee
and grease on the walls
dogs in your hot dogs
and slags in your malls

don’t tell me that war
is a game you play
i know that you lie
day after day
don’t tell me that war
is your last resort
when the first thing you do
is drawing the sword

"...qualitativ hochwertige Mitfühlmelodien..."
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"...hervorragende Arrangements..."


"...verträumt poppige Note..."
Hififi & Sterereo


"...angenehm unaufgeregt..."
Rote Raupe


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