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saturday love song

i don’t have much time
you’ll be back in a minute
and before you’ll be back
i must finish this song

so i now have to run
i must speed it all up
the song writing process
i should not interrupt

still i must find the chords
and the melody line
and the beat of the rhythm
and the pattern of rhyme

anyway what’s this song
ment to be all about
i think and i brood and
i muse and i doubt

does it deal with the rain
or the sun or the clouds
i’m not sure what to write
or to sing all about

and it’s just while i’m thinking
about what to do
that i suddenly see
this song’s about you

it’s about how you moan
when you get up at eight
it’s about how you run
when you think you are late

it’s about how you shake
when you come out of a lake
it’s about how you laugh
when you spoil up a cake

it’s about how you sing
when you think you’re alone
it’s about how you freeze
when you freeze to the bone

it’s about how you paint
it all green, red and blue
this song’s about love
and this song is for you

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