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mr. sunshine

you throw a glance in the camera lense
they show you on the screen
your teeth are white as the virgin snow
and they want them to be seen

you shake the hand of a sheik well-off
they capture it on film                    
you joke around with the big bill gates
they see you daily in the states

it’s entertainment you are in
it’s cheap amusement that you bring
it’s pure distraction that you hand out in a dancing shoe
oh mr. sunshine, oh mr. sunshine
who are you?

you are talking small with johnny depp
or is it doe, that’s what i don’t know
you are playing ball with a tame racoon
someday they’ll shoot you to the moon
(and i hope that it is soon)

oh mr. sunshine, who are you?
is it your face on the tube?
mr. sunshine, you’re the glue
oh that keeps it all together
you’re the glue
and the glue is you

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