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and winter smirks

i see a cloud
a rain cloud over my head
and it’s made up of tears
and waterworks

it’s so damn cold
and i stay weary and wet
the storm is in my ears
and winter smirks

when raindrops fall
and turn to ice
it must be cold

when shadows crawl
upon my face
i must be old

i make my blood
run on and on with a beat
i shake my arms and feet
while winter smirks


it’s freezing cold
out in the concrete street
i feel so incomplete
while winter smirks

i’m old inside
i say good night
and i turn off the light
while winter lurks

it’s cold
it’s cold tonight
and i fall into white
while winter smirks

"...qualitativ hochwertige Mitfühlmelodien..."
Venue Music


"...hervorragende Arrangements..."


"...verträumt poppige Note..."
Hififi & Sterereo


"...angenehm unaufgeregt..."
Rote Raupe


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